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Welcome to Mallorca!

MEUSER & ABOGADOS (Attorneys – Abogados) is a German-Spanish law firm based in Palma de Mallorca with offices in Palma de Mallorca and Hamburg.

Our core is the personal and client-oriented advice provided with all the professionalism, seriousness and efficiency required for such a demanding profession and for each specific case.

Arno W. Meuser, the owner of the firm, is a German lawyer and Spanish abogado.  He has practised as a lawyer in Hamburg and Abogado in Barcelona since 1993, and in Palma de Mallorca since 1995. He has worked with and for major companies and private clients internationally and, of course, in Germany, advising them on their projects and legal issues in Spain.

Belén Benito Cebrián was admitted to the Madrid Bar in 1993 and to the Palma de Mallorca Bar in 2000. Her philosophy is “the best for the client”, “the client comes first”. Second generation of a family whose members also practise law in Salamanca.

We advise on judicial and extrajudicial matters of Spanish law, especially German-speaking clients who wish to settle primarily in Mallorca for professional or private reasons, or those who have already established their residence here in Spain.

In addition, our services also include legal advice on German law and legal representation in Germany.

From the very beginning, our philosophy has been to protect the personal interests of our clients with the utmost care and to support them in understanding their concerns in a new social and cultural environment on the Balearic Islands.

Over the years, we have achieved good results in the development and implementation of negotiation tactics for conflict avoidance and problem solving, which are more profitable than litigious solutions, given the cultural particularities and the often different points of view of the parties, and which we are happy to pass on to our clients.

In addition to the acquisition of private or commercial real estate in Spain and Spanish corporate, inheritance and tax law, we also provide cross-border advice on European law.

We live on an island!

That is why we are also active in the tourism sector, for example in the acquisition of gastronomy businesses: Acquisition of restaurants, acquisition of HOTELS or the registration of your finca or house for tourist rental.

And of course also in SHIP LAW: We offer up-to-date legal advice on the purchase of a ship, a berth or a charter.

In the area of procedural law, our strengths lie in civil procedural law, claims and enforcement, divorce, liability in construction law, medical malpractice law, traffic accident compensation; in public law, again in construction law in demolition or planning issues and in criminal law predominantly in property offences or tax and corporate law.

We invite you to visit our practice areas to learn more.

Meuser Abogados & Asociados Palma de Mallorca